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Pay After Experiencing The Product; With Zero Percent Interest!

With the touch and feel factor missing in online shopping, many people prefer to shop from their nearby stores even if it means less choice or buying inferior quality products.

Though Cash-on-delivery helps to mitigate this issue to some extent, one still can't get a proper feel of the product(s) before making payment. Many times we ourselves have regretted buying some products online (it happens to all of us!) and wished that we should get an option to make the payment after using the products purchased online for a couple of days.

We finally have a solution to this good old problem. Now we are allowing you to order products from our store, get the delivery and make payment after using the products. What's more? this facility is available without any interest and you can make the payment anytime within 15 days. If you face some valid issue and want to return the product and get a refund, you can do that as well without spending a paisa. How cool is that :D?.

So how to get this facility?

We are accepting payments from our partners mentioned below. All you need is an account with them and select "Cashfree Payment Gateway" while checking out on

  1. Lazypay -
  2. ePayLater -
  3. Zest Money -
  4. Flexmoney -
  5. Instacred -
  6. Ola Money Credit

In addition to these partners, you can also use services like Earlysalary, Slicepay etc which allow you to make payment via virtual credit cards/Paytm/Amazon Pay/BHIM UPI. Lastly, we do accept all domestic/international credit/debit card based EMIs on orders above Rs.2500.

    Why you should select Buy Now & Pay Later or other Digital Payment Methods over Cash-on-delivery (CoD)?:

    We get to hear this question from potential customers multiple times a day. I will explain the reasons in a simple way.

    1. In CoD, You actually pay cash before getting delivery!
    It is mostly a myth that if you buy something using CoD, you can first open the courier package and check whether everything is alright before making payment to the courier delivery person. In reality, no courier delivery executive will allow you to open the package before making payment to him/her & signing on the manifest. You always pay cash/swipe card first and then only you will receive the package.

    2. CoD is a time-consuming & costly process. For both buyers as well as us the sellers.

    A) From our/seller's perspective-

    Due to the number of fraudulent orders/orders with incomplete delivery details placed via CoD, it takes us and other sellers a lot of effort to identify whether an order is authentic or not and verify the delivery address as to ensure smooth delivery. In addition, the courier companies charge regular courier charges + Rs.50-Rs.100 or 2%-3% of the invoice value (whichever is higher) as cash handling charges. Not to mention the 1-3 weeks time required for the courier companies to transfer the money to us. All these things cost a lot of manpower and money to us sellers which ultimately gets added to product price.

    B) From your (buyer's) perspective:

    First thing is that you as a buyer will always end up paying more directly/indirectly to the products due to the reasons mentioned above for CoD orders. In addition, you will have to keep the exact cash amount ready as courier boys won't have exact change many a time which itself is a time-consuming task. If you face any issues with the product and return it, you will have to manually share your bank details with us sellers so that we can do a manual refund using Cheque/NEFT/RTGS which is prone to errors/delays like money getting transferred to the wrong account, cheques getting lost in transit etc. It can be highly frustrating and time-consuming ordeal. 

    3. Online payments allow you to experience the product first hand before paying, offer better pricing, buyer protection backed by banks/govt.

    A) Experience product first. Then make payment:

    With the buy now and pay later option at, you place the order for a product by selecting one of the "Pay Later" methods mentioned initially in this article like LazyPay, ePayLater, Zest Money etc. Only after you receive the delivery and use the product for some time, you will have to make the payment. This doesn't have any extra fees/charges as long as the payment is made within a stipulated time period (usually 15 days).

    B) Better pricing:

    Since the platforms mentioned above assume risks of fraud/underwrite the order in return for a fee, we will be able to deliver the orders to you quickly and receive payments in a matter of days. As this reduces our expenses/risks to a great extent and allows us to have better cash flow, we are able to offer better pricing for products.

    C) Quick refunds:

    Due to an unlikely reason, if you would like to get a refund, we can initiate the same in a few clicks immediately. The automated software of our banking partners take care of the rest and you will get your money refunded to your source of payment as quickly as possible.

    D) Rewards, EMI & better creditworthiness:

    From time to time cash-backs, loyalty points etc are issued by payments service providers to you for making digital payments. As you will be paying digitally you can opt for credit/debit card based EMI and pay money in instalments to your bank. This will help you by giving better creditworthiness over a long-term should you apply for a loan for housing/vehicles etc.

    E) Buyer protection backed payments institutions of repute and the RBI/Government of India rules:

    In addition to our own assurance programs in terms of easy returns, replacements & refunds policies, each and every transaction done through are backed by third-party buyer protection programs as well existing rules/law of banks, RBI & Govt of India.

    For example, payments done through Amazon Pay are backed by 30 days A-Z Guarantee by Amazon, PayPal payments have 180-days buyer protection and almost all card transactions usually come with ~180-days protection where you can file a chargeback dispute and let your bank fight on behalf of you. This scenario of looping in a third party is highly unlikely to happen though as we sell only the best-quality products and we are obsessed with keeping you happy :-).

    Lastly, by making digital payments you will be supporting "Digital India"...

    We look forward to serving you soon :-)

    With warm regards

    Sai Ranjan

    Brand Manager,

    If you have any queries on our services, please get in touch with us on or Facebook/Twitter (@Parampada). We can also be reached on +91-9740994719 (WhatsApp Messenger only). Happy shopping!.

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