ePayLater now in Parampada!

ePayLater now in Parampada!

Liked Something?; Just Buy It Now & Pay After 14 Days :-)

At Parampada, We take customer satisfaction with utmost priority and always believed that our customers should get an option to get the touch & feel of the product first before making the payment; just like we do in our friendly neighbourhood store. No matter how detailed the product information is, in terms of pictures,videos, descriptions etc, it doesn’t come close to the feel of touching the products first hand. In our relentless endeavour to address this fundamental problem associated with e-commerce, we are happy to announce our association with “ePayLater”; one of the pioneers of Buy Now, Pay Later services in India.

What is ePayLater?

ePayLater is a Buy Now Pay Later payment option which lets you make multiple purchases, and pay for all in one go at a later date. You get a 14-day interest-free period from the date of order to settle your bills with them.

What are the Benefits of ePayLater?

ePayLater offers the simple checkout experience in existence today. As you are not required to enter your 16-digit card number or log in to your bank account or for that matter even refill your wallet, you can conclude your transaction with just a tap!

You get 14 days of an interest-free period to settle your dues!

ePayLater not only provides the benefits of COD, such as a seamless checkout experience and a pay after delivery option but also goes beyond by doing away with the hassles associated with handling cash. You are no longer needed to struggle to find change or worry about your order not getting delivered when you are not around to make the payment.

How do I signup?

Visit https://www.epaylater.in/ to sign-up for an account. You will need PAN Card or UID Aadhaar as proof. Please note that approval/rejection of your account, sanctioning credit limit is at the sole discretion of ePayLater and its partners.

What are the fees & limits for ePayLater?

The signup is absolutely free!. You can get a credit of Rs.4000-Rs.20,000 depending on eligibility. If you repay the dues within 14 days there are no extra charges/interest either. You heard it right, 0% interest credit for up to 14 days!!.

However, if you don’t pay on time, your account may be suspended and the failure to make the payment would entail levying of a penal interest at the rate of 3% per month for the days that the amount stays overdue on a pro-rata basis.

How do I buy stuff from Parampada using ePayLater and is there any discount available for ePayLater payments?

  1. Click/tap on the “Shop” section in the menu and go to category of your choice and open a product page.
  2. Add the product(s) to the cart and checkout using the mobile number used for ePayLater account.
  3. In the payments option of the checkout page, please select “Cashfree Payment Gateway” and then select “ePayLater” under “Pay Later” methods.
  4. This will open ePayLater page, confirm your account credentials and confirm order by hitting the “Pay” button.

Deals/Discount coupons on ePayLater payments, if any, will be displayed in featured merchants/deals section of ePayLater website/app.


How do I make repayment for ePayLater credit availed?

At the end of the stipulated credit period of 14 days, you will get notification from ePayLater with a combined bill of your spendings for the particular month with a payment gateway link to make the payment. You can make repayment using net banking, cards, BHIM UPI etc.

How to get refunds?

Please contact us directly to raise cancellation/return/refund request. Once your cancellation/return/refund request has been accepted by us (The merchant), we will notify of the same to ePayLater. If you are yet to make a payment to ePayLater for that transaction, they will adjust your payment due as per the refund amount processed by us. In such a case, you would be liable to pay ePayLater only for the amount outstanding against the transaction. However, in case you have already made the payment to ePayLater for the transaction, you will receive the refund amount into the instrument used for making the payment to ePayLater.

What happens if I default the payment?

We understand that it is human to miss payment deadlines and overlook reminders. Hence, we give our customers the leeway of a few more days beyond the due date to make the payment. However, the customer will be charged a late payment fee for such period. Users are notified multiple times via email, SMS and phone calls before the due date and periodically thereafter. However, in the remote case of non-payment, the user's ePayLater account is deactivated. Just like an electricity bill or any utility bill, any amount payable to ePayLater is legally enforceable.
Further, ePayLater, acting through its partner financial institutions, holds the right to report all such default cases to credit bureaus including CIBIL which may impact your credit rating and hence your ability to access financial products, including any kind of loans, in the future.

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